The customer demand revolution

Why driving climate engagement in banking matters

Get this latest report on the banking industry in transition and discover how banks can return to a customer-centric strategy that promotes climate action.

Get insights into:

  • Why current trends are shaping customer demand  

  • What shifting demand means for banking 

  • How to channel customer demand into climate engagement.

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Investing in Our Planet

Our latest whitepaper explains how banks can unlock the benefits of sustainable finance.

In this White Paper you will learn ...

  • How to future-proof your product offerings
  • the economic and business benefits for financial institutions that offering sustainable banking options can bring
  • the positive impact that climate education and green banking products has on customer engagement
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Top 5 trends in sustainable banking

Learn how banking is poised to change in the coming year

In our guide you will learn ...

  • Where the biggest opportunities in this fast-growing field are
  • how banks can act as agents for climate action using new, green banking products
  • what to prepare for in the coming year  
  • where the industry is heading in the future
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Carbon Footprinting
& Beyond

Dive in to learn about how transparency drives sustainable banking. 

In this White Paper you will learn ...

  • What carbon footprinting means for payment and banking
  • How banks can act as agents for climate action using new, green banking products
  • Why engaging your customers helps to scale your impact 
  • Where environmental footprinting is 
    heading in the future
white paper Carbon footprinting and beyond
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From Ideas
to impact

Sustainability is the business of the future. Here's your guide to sustainable business in finance.

In this White Paper you will learn how to...

  • Scale sustainability to all levels of your value proposition
  • Empower customer behavior towards sustainability
  • Unlock new, green revenue streams
  • Engage genuinely with sustainability

white paper from ides to impact
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Together for our common future 

What is the secret weapon against climate change? Payment transactions. Why? 

In this White Paper you will learn...

  • Why payment transaction data helps fight climate change
  • How a science-based methodology enables retail banking to go green
  • Why Sustainability-as-a-Service ® is a game-changer in retail banking
  • What are the benefits achieved for people, planet, and profit
White paper common future
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