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White Paper: 
Carbon Footprinting & Beyond

How transparency drives sustainable banking 

Sustainable banking offers a new form of transparency, one that helps to transform the payment and banking industry to work for people, planet, and profit. 

The new way of banking - enriching payment transaction data with carbon footprint calculations - is only but the start of a larger sustainable transformation.  

In our White Paper you will learn ...

  • what carbon footprinting means for payment and banking
  • how banks can act as agents for climate action using new, green banking products
  • why engaging your customers helps to scale your impact 
  • where environmental footprinting is heading in the future

This is ecolytiq

The proprietary Sustainability-as-a-Service® software from ecolytiq provides financial service providers with the entire sustainability value chain to meet rising customer demand for green banking products. The open-sourced, country-specific environmental impact calculations serve as the base for personalized climate action. From there, tailored insights engage customers with knowledge on how to live sustainable lifestyles. Finally, impact offsetting and ESG investing round off the customer experience – all seamlessly integrated into existing digital banking apps.

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