Investing in Our Planet 

How banks can unlock the benefits of sustainable finance

In an age where consumers are increasingly becoming conscious of the environment, banks have a real opportunity to generate new revenue streams by promoting sustainable banking products.

Explore the benefits of sustainable finance and find out how banks can become leaders by promoting sustainability in the business world.

In this White Paper you will learn...

  • how to future-proof your product offerings
  • the economic and business benefits for financial institutions that offering sustainable banking options can bring
  • the positive impact that climate education and green banking products has on customer engagement

This is ecolytiq

The Sustainability-as-a-Service® solution from ecolytiq future-proofs banks and financial service providers by enabling them to engage in sustainable banking and finance. The ecolytiq product suite enriches traditional banking with embedded transaction-based footprinting, personalized climate insights, and access to environmental projects and investments that inspire new, sustainable behaviors.

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